Strider - Boys on Can Phones

I have recently started an ongoing series called Nostalgia, in which I explore remembrance, wonder, and play, while connecting to current time and place. This piece I speaks to me very much in that it brings back thoughts and memories about making things, and in doing that exploring and trying to understand how things work. When working on the street, placement is extremely important to me. Posters and pieces can be put up anywhere, but in order for them to hold more meaning, placement is key. I was walking through a park in San Francisco a while ago, when I came upon an old army bunker. There are many of these around the Pacific, on both sides of the Golden Gate, but this one was larger and had many beautiful old features like, gun turrets, stairs, barred windows, and iron doors like these. I wrote "we are all one" on the string line connecting the boys' can phones. It seemed necessary to touch on ideas of connection and freedom.