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"Heuristic Forms" Solo Residency and Show

Strider Patton - Heuristic Forms installation

In the spring of 2017 I finished my first artist-in-residence program with TechShop in San Francisco. A residency program, which can be described as an opportunity for artists to create, research, and learn within a new space or community, is a milestone in any artists career. I have always wanted to participate in a residency program since I began painting more seriously in my mid 20s. 

Heuristic Forms is a visual exploration into the intersections of identity, form, culture, space, and connection. This new body of work by Strider is unlike anything from his past 10 years as a working artist. Through this residency program and exhibition, Strider has bridged his understandings of painting with his new findings in sculptural form, navigating the powerful connections between space, value, depth, gravity and shadow.